Month: April 2014

Mega Thunder Man


Here’s another Throwback Thursday for you.

Towards the end of the 93-94 basketball season, I contacted the Quad City Thunder about shooting a game.  The Thunder were part of the Continental Basketball Association and played home games in The Mark of the Quad Cities.  The CBA is now defunct and the Mark has been renamed the iWireless Center.

At the first game I photographed I shot this five photo sequence of “Mega Thunder Man”.  The PR Director was so pleased with it that I was invited to shoot the remainder of the season and spent the following three seasons as the team photographer.


Ashford Softball

I have photographed a couple Ashford University softball games as part of my effort to re-build my sports photography portfolio.  This weekend they played right here in Morrison as part of their Spring Jamboree.  It was a nine team tournament and all proceeds raised went to the Iowa Care for Yourself Breast Cancer Early Detection Program.  Ashford wore special pink uniforms and all teams participated in a ceremonial balloon release in honor of those who have succumbed to breast cancer.


Ashford University Balloon release

Tournament teams release balloons in honor of those who have succumbed to breast cancer.

Siera Spahui, Ashford

Ashford first baseman Siera Spahui with a high fly ball.

Katelyn Hair, Ashford

Judson senior Shannon Nevins steals second in front of Ashford’s Katelyn Hair.

Ashford-6 (more…)

Independant Wrestling

Marek Brave

The wrestling bug has really bitten me.  Since photographing Funky Munky three weeks ago I have discovered that there are independent wrestling promotions all over.  I contacted SCW (Scott County Wrestling) and was able to photograph their event on Saturday night.  The thing I like most about these shows is that it’s all about the matches.  There is very little talking, unlike the current WWE where it seems all they do is talk.  The matches are high quality too, this isn’t just some kids messing around in the back yard.  I never would have believed you could see someone jump off the top rope through a table in small town Walcott, Iowa. (see the first photo).  To top it all off, after Shane Hollister beat Matt Cage for the heavyweight title he called his girlfriend to the ring and proposed.  If you like wrestling at all, I highly recommend getting out to support indy wrestling.