Mega Thunder Man


Here’s another Throwback Thursday for you.

Towards the end of the 93-94 basketball season, I contacted the Quad City Thunder about shooting a game.  The Thunder were part of the Continental Basketball Association and played home games in The Mark of the Quad Cities.  The CBA is now defunct and the Mark has been renamed the iWireless Center.

At the first game I photographed I shot this five photo sequence of “Mega Thunder Man”.  The PR Director was so pleased with it that I was invited to shoot the remainder of the season and spent the following three seasons as the team photographer.


You Can’t Win Them All

Double High Five

I normally don’t post out of focus photos but… I was going back through my take from Saturday’s basketball game and found this shot.  Number 14 has just thrown an overhead pass between the two defenders and the three of them ended up in some sort of double high-five.  Too bad it’s blurry.  😦 

Basketball Tournament

Photographing the bald eagles this winter really made me realize how much I love photographing action.  I’m not that great at setting up a shot and controlling every aspect of the photo like you would do with a still life or even a portrait.   I like being in a place where there is action and reacting to it.  I’ve gotten away from that sort of thing over the past few years and it’s time to get back to it.

A friend of mine from Sterling mentioned that he was coaching a team in a tournament here in Morrison so I went over to check it out.